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Manmohan Singh laughs out loud at Ranbir Kapoor’s DoCoMo joke

30, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a rare occasion involving public display of emotions and non-silence, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh abandoned his usual impassive and quiet demeanor and went LOL (laughing out loud) at one of the jokes cracked by Ranbir Kapoor during DoCoMo television ads. The unbridled laughter, which lasted for 30 seconds i.e. as long as the ad, was recorded early today when PM was watching television to pass time before cabinet reshuffle.

“Ho ho ho, ha ha ha, oh man!” Prime Minister loudly uttered these words for the first time in office, bringing the PMO to a standstill. At least three special secretaries of IAS rank and ten housekeeping staff are reported to have rushed into the office of PM to check if everything was alright.

“Hahaha… Have you guys seen this? This is so funny!” Dr. Singh is reported to have told the just-in officers pointing towards the television that had started showing Bhaarat Nirmaan ad by then.

“No, no, not this one, those Ranbir Kapoor ads,” Prime Minister clarified in a hurry to a dumbfounded PMO staff.

Ranbir Kapoor’s stand-up act for Tata DoCoMo
The man who made the PM break his silence?

After fifteen minutes of unprecedented consistent talking, which included showering praise for the copywriter of the ad and National Awards worthy performance by the Bollywood heartthrob, Prime Minister is reported to have asked all the assembled members of the PMO staff to watch all the DoCoMo stand-up ads by Ranbir Kapoor and ‘like’ all the pages related the actor on Facebook.

“I am still shocked,” an officer in the PMO said on conditions of anonymity, “Prime Minister had never shown such outspokenness and liveliness ever before. He never even asked us to ‘like’ Congress or Rahul Gandhi pages on Facebook. And laughing out loud!? My god, is this real? Pinch me and tell me I’m not dreaming!”

It’s not yet known what caused this dramatic transformation in Prime Minister, who recently announced that he would be talking to journalists each week to dispel the myth that he was a passive or puppet Prime Minister.

“I think PM has taken this responsibility of changing his public image a tad too seriously,” a television expert on everything told Faking News, “He talked at length on some issues with editors yesterday and it seems he is going to talk on any issue with anyone from now on.”

Further investigations by Faking News into the mysterious event at PMO revealed that Prime Minister had seen the “No auto activation: Maa” stand-up ad where Ranbir Kapoor says “aye le aaloo ka paraantha, aye le caller tune” in a Punjabi accent comparing a mother with a mobile service provider, who impose their own choices on a person without even asking or waiting for his or her approval.

Unconfirmed reports say that one of the PMO staff, goaded by PM’s lively mood, tried to improvise the joke and compared the mother in the ad with Sonia Gandhi. He is reported to have said, “aye le Finance Minister, aye le Home Minister” apparently referring to the impending cabinet reshuffle and other decisions by the PMO.

The officer has been suspended for six weeks, sources say.