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Manmohan Singh no longer an underachiever after being on TIME cover

08, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After TIME magazine put Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s photo on the cover page and called him “The Underachiever”, critics point out that PM is no longer an underachiever as he has been featured on TIME’s cover page.

“What else do you want him to achieve? To get top rank in the TIME’s list of world’s most influential people!?” wondered Kaushik Basu, a critic of Indian politics and economy.

TIME cover page
The controversial and disputed cover page of TIME magazine

“Get real guys!” he added, “TIME has always considered Sonia Gandhi or Mamata Banerjee for being among the India’s most influential people. In such a scenario, he’s made it to the cover page of the magazine. That’s some achievement!”

Many other critics too have argued that now that Manmohan Singh has made it to TIME cover, there might not be much left to achieve.

“When UPA completes four years next year, I hope they put this as number one achievement,” suggested another critic.

When Faking News tried to argue that being on TIME’s cover page doesn’t necessarily mean “achievement”, Basu said, “Go tell that to Narendra Modi supporters.”

However, some Congress leaders have criticized TIME magazine for dubbing the Indian Prime Minister an “underachiever”.

“This is a bad joke from TIME especially when he is no longer the Prime Minister,” Foreign Minister SM Krishna said. Later our confused reporter concluded that Krishna had confused Indian PM with former Pakistani PM Gilani for being on the magazine cover.

Digvijay Singh sent us an SMS accusing TIME magazine of being RSS agents while Mani Shankar Aiyar claimed that there was no bigger achievement for a Congress leader than becoming a Prime Minister when a person from Nehru-Gandhi family was heading the party.

“The magazine cover shows a picture of Manmohan Singh where is not wearing a blue turban; this is clearly fake and we reject it,” a Youth Congress worker claimed.

“This is not cool from TIME. But I just hope that they don’t put Robert Vadra picture on the next TIME cover and term him ‘The Overachiever’!” said a Congress leader on conditions of anonymity.