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Manmohan Singh says he did feel like slapping A Raja once

16, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Talking exclusively to Faking News editor once the press meet with sundry editors was over, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh candidly admitted that he did feel like giving a tight slap to A Raja and some of his other colleagues in the party and the cabinet for their errant ways.

“Totally,” was how the PM responded when Faking News editor Pagal Patrakar asked if he ever felt like slapping A Raja for bringing bad name to his government?

“One tight slap,” he stressed.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister speaking to journalists earlier in the day, where he broke his silence on corruption without saying much

Mr. Singh conceded that he always had this sinking feeling that something was not right in the way 2G spectrum was being allotted, but he decided not to intervene.

“If I had intervened, they would have got some people to intervene in my job,” the head of the union council of ministers said, but declined to take any names.

“I won’t lie to you, I did feel like quitting,” Prime Minister suddenly erupted, “But then I thought, who after me in the UPA? People like Arun Shourie have been hinting at Pranab Mukherjee. See, even I was a good Finance Minister. Furthermore, you haven’t seen the Swiss Bank list, I’ve seen it.”

Talking about his earlier meeting with the editors of various news organizations, Prime Minister expressed happiness and satisfaction that it went well.

Faking News can confirm from its PMO sources that at least one senior editor had plans to become Prime Minister for a day a la Anil Kapoor in the movie Nayak by grilling and heckling Mr. Singh. Unconfirmed sources suggest that it was Times Now’s Arnab Goswami, though Mr. Singh denied it himself.

“He didn’t interrupt me in my job,” PM said, “In fact, all the editors were courteous.”

“The hardest hitting question was when Anuradha Prasad asked me to name my favorite cricketer,” Manmohan Singh recalled, “I didn’t answer as I didn’t want to pressurize Dhoni with my choices. He should select a team of his favorites.”

“A team leader should get a free hand,” Mr. Singh added wistfully.