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Manmohan Singh takes Priyanka's "Super Prime Minister" compliment literally, wears Superman dress

15, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Highly charged up with Priyanka Gandhi’s Super Prime Minister compliment, incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh surprised everyone by making an appearance at Rahul Gandhi’s Pune rally, dressed up as Superman.

Manmohan Singh and the PMO had initially condemned Priyanka’s remarks and called the claims baseless and motivated, but later, on realizing that it was a positive comment, they thanked Priyanka Gandhi wholeheartedly.

“We are not habituated of listening positive things, that’s why we mistakenly condemned Priyanka Ji’s comment. You can call it ‘inertia of condemnation’,” PMO clarified in an official apology to Priyanka Gandhi.

Priyanka’s compliment made Manmohan Singh realize his hidden powers for first time in the last 10 years. “I was not aware that I was so powerful. All these years, I kept thinking that I can’t do much, but thanks to Priyanka Ji for motivating me,” said humbled Mr Singh.

While opposition was mocking Manmohan Singh for dressing up like Superman, Priyanka Gandhi once again came out in defense of PM and justified his get up.

“As extremely high pressure results in formation of diamond, successful handling of such a high pressure job has transformed Dr. Manmohan Singh into Superman,” explained Priyanka Gandhi.

However, many believe that, the rare accolade might be a farewell gift from Priyanka to Dr. Singh.

On the other side, an over excited Manmohan Singh is reported to be on cloud number nine, and with the help of his newly found power, he is in mood to rewrite his own history, rather than depending upon historians to treat him favorably.

Manmohan Singh Superman
Super Prime Minister

In order to pass a strong message to the country, Mr Singh, dressed up like Superman, reached at Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Pune. Rahul Gandhi welcomed Prime Minister and offered him mike to speak, but Manmohan Singh preferred to snatch it from Rahul’s hand.

“That was his way of showing authority. After taking mike in his hand, he kept looking at crowd for half an hour without speaking a single word. And you would not believe, people present there were cheering him for that,” revealed a man present there in the rally.

Reportedly, after finishing his silent speech, in an attempt to fly, Manmohan jumped off from the stage but he fell down and hurt his leg badly.

Sources tell Faking News that inspired by the rally incident, Sanjaya Baru has started working on his next book – ‘Accident of The Prime Minister’.