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Manmohan Singh to do commentary during test matches against West Indies

05, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will don the role of a television commentator during the West Indies tour of India and will be heard describing events during the first two test matches at Delhi and Kolkata respectively. This will be done to silence critics who always accuse the PM of not speaking up on the issues that are otherwise being hotly debated by the citizens of India.

“Sachin’s 100th international century will become the most hotly debated topic starting tomorrow, replacing petrol price hike,” a PMO source told Faking News, “Prime Minister will air his views on the topic live and exclusive on DD Sports.”

It’s been often said that Dr. Manmohan Singh is an overrated economist and underrated politician, but experts believe that he is also an unrated commentator.

Manmohan Singh with commentary microphone
Manmohan Singh showing his latest tool

“The Delhi test match will prove his worth as a commentator who can air his views on any topic,” an expert on Manmohan Singh said, “It’s nice that he has chosen a test match to start his commentary career, as there are extended periods of maiden overs where nothing happens on the ground.”

“He can keep mum in those periods, which will make him feel at home,” the expert explained.

First test-match against West Indies starts tomorrow at Delhi and Prime Minister is expected to join the likes of Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar in describing the proceedings from the stadium. However, PM will not speak on matters concerning spot-fixing in cricket.

“We expect commentators to discuss the punishment to Pakistani players in the spot-fixing controversy during the first test, but Manmohan Singh will stay clear of commenting on matters involving corruption and cheating,” a PMO source revealed.

PM will, however, take lead and analyze data and numbers such as run-rate, over-rate, and other statistical figures related to the match and cricketers.

Dr. Singh will then travel to Kolkata for his second term during the second test where he could be joined by Mamata Banerjee in the commentary box.

“That will be the real test of character for Dr. Singh,” an expert claimed, “Mamatadi could become an aggressive partner and Prime Minister might have tough time thinking out of (commentary) box.”

However some political pundits believe that Manmohan Singh is being prepared for an alternative career as Rahul Gandhi could soon replace him, once inflation graph reaches its peak and starts a downward trend.