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Manmohan Singh to read news on Doordarshan to connect with citizens

20, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In order to silence his critics who accuse him of being a silent and impassive Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has decided to become a newsreader on Doordarshan, the national broadcaster.

As part of the latest media strategy by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Prime Minister will read the daily 9 PM news bulletin on DD National and will end up connecting with the citizens on a daily basis.

“He will be the first PM who will address the nation daily,” Harish Khare, the media advisor to the PM said, “Not only he will update every citizen with the developments of the day, but will analyze those developments with experts for the benefit of the aam aadmi.”

Experts believe that this is a masterstroke by the Prime Minister as earlier he was accused of updating only Sonia Gandhi of all the developments in a day. However experts are not sure about the ‘analysis with the experts’ part of the PM’s media strategy.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Doordarshan as a news reader
Prime Minister rehearses his new role

“What if the high command asks him to have Digvijay Singh in the television studio as the expert to analyze terrorism?” Madhur Sharma, a media expert running his own blog showed the flipside of the PM’s media strategy.

“Digvijay Singh will hog all the limelight, will utter all that he wants, and PM will be left to do the explanation to the confused and angry viewers,” Madhur explained.

“Furthermore, will Manmohan Singh invite Rahul Gandhi to the studio for taking part in the debates and analysis?” Madhur further pointed out the ‘challenges’ of the PM’s media strategy, “What if Rahul rejects PM’s invitation as he has been doing to his recurrent invitations to join the cabinet? Will it lead to demands of Rahul Gandhi becoming the main newsreader on DD or will it lead to criticism that Rahul Gandhi avoids public debates?”

While experts analyze the pros and cons of PM becoming a DD newsreader, the leading news channels of India are reportedly scared of the consequences.

“It might lead to a loss of TRPs for leading news channels as people would love to watch a news bulletin where the anchor (Manmohan Singh) hardly speaks. Research proves that people are hell bored with television anchors who just won’t stop speaking and analyzing,” said the CEO of a news channel.

“The government might direct all the Bharat Nirman ads to Doordarshan if the PM’s news bulleting becomes a hit, this will cause revenue loss to us,” the CEO added.

However the common citizens have welcomed this proactive step by the Prime Minister.

“Yesterday I happened to watch DD News for a few minutes and I learned that there was a man called Hamid Ansari who is the Vice President of India. I never knew it!” Pradyumna, a 16-year-old Indian youth aspiring to win the MTV Roadies enumerated the benefits of watching Doordarshan.

“It would be lovely to see Manmohan Singh as a caring leader, wishing us all good evening and good night each day,” Kabir Saxena, a senior executive welcomed PM’s decision to become a newsreader, “Also, citizens won’t need to wait for the goodnight tweets of Rajdeep Sardesai before going to sleep peacefully.”

Faking News contacted the PMO to enquire if Manmohan Singh could anchor a ‘fake news’ bulletin instead of a regular one. We were fined 5000 rupees as our enquiry was misinterpreted as an insinuation that Manmohan Singh was a fake PM.