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Manmohan Singh waiting for Priyanka Gandhi to term Telangana decision a complete nonsense

15, Oct 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After news reports that suggested that Priyanka Gandhi could become the star campaigner for the Congress party in the next general elections, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is bracing up to a new role by Priyanka Gandhi.

“If the news of she taking a central role is true, she could start with a bang by doing a Rahul Gandhi,” a close aide of Dr. Singh told Faking News, “Prime Minister believes that Priyanka Gandhi could term the decision to divide Andhra Pradesh as “complete nonsense” and start her political campaign on a high.”

“Imagine if she does that – she will be credited for bringing peace to the troubled region just like Rahul Gandhi was credited for cleaning the politics of India by calling the ordinance a complete nonsense,” the aide pointed out.

Priyanka Gandhi
Could she too be officially above the Prime Minister of India?

Although in an exclusive interview to Faking News, the Prime Minister had already declared that he was willing to work under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi too, he doesn’t think that this could stop Priyanka Gandhi from expressing “strong words”.

“Prime Minister had said the same about Rahul Gandhi on many earlier occasions, but still he got this nonsense barb. So he is mentally prepared for another nonsense,” the aide revealed.

Sources confirm that Prime Minister has been continuously watching TV news channels and waiting for a surprise entry of Priyanka Gandhi in a regular press conference where she could overturn the decision of union cabinet on formation of Telangana – an issue that has been attracting bad press for the government and the Congress party.

“Last night, he misheard ‘Priya Didi’ in Bharat Nirman ads as ‘Priyanka Didi’ and thought that the moment had arrived, but only later he realized that it was a paid advertisement, not paid news,” the aide further revealed how worried the Prime Minister was these days.

Sources say that Prime Minister will scrap the decision on Telangana, or for that matter any other decision, if Priyanka Gandhi makes any public announcement. He’d then follow it up with an appeal to stop communal forces that were the biggest threat to democracy and individual freedom in India.