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Manmohan Singh takes revenge, calls Rahul Gandhi’s “emotional” speech a “complete nonsense”

24, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Beijing, China. Given that Manmohan Singh has just a few months left in the current term and the next term appears uncertain, he has made up his mind to liberate himself from the puppet strings.

Soon after Rahul Gandhi finished his emotional speech in Rajasthan yesterday, an unusually angry Manmohan Singh, who is currently on a diplomatic visit to China, called a press meet in Beijing. Ridiculing the Nehru-Gandhi scion, MMS slammed Rahul Gandhi for his emotionally dramatic speech in a politically charged rally.

Rahul Gandhi with Manmohan Singh
A rare photo showing Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi in conversation

He termed it a “complete nonsense”.

“I will tell you what is my opinion on Rahul’s speech. And my opinion is – it is complete nonsense. He should be taped over his mouth and locked in Congress office. This is my personal opinion and party should think about it if it wants to win the elections,” said Dr. Singh, venting out his long suppressed anger.

Faking News expected that the Prime Minister could stand up and walk out as Rahul Gandhi had done when he called the ordinance nonsense, but Dr. Singh stayed back to issue more statements.

“In one speech he talks about his mother, in next about his grandmother, next he will talk about Nehru, then about his forefathers, and by the end of the campaign he will talk about prehistoric human beings. What the hell is this? Are we planning to win an election by time traveling?” he wondered.

Aise hazaaron bakwaas bhashan se achchi hai meri khamoshi, na jaane kitne raalies ki aabru rakhkhi,” the Prime Minister added.

Political analysts say that with this daring act, Manmohan has tried to kill two birds with one stone. First, he took revenge for the humiliation unleashed by Rahul over the ordinance, and second, he passed a strong message to his Chinese counterpart to not take him lightly.

Sources in PMO revealed that Manmohan Singh even sent a video clip of his outbursts to US President Barack Obama, because he was in US when Rahul Gandhi came up with the anti-ordinance outburst.

Interestingly, White House sources confirmed the receipt of the clip even before the Prime Minister sent it. This has given rise to speculations if Obama is spying on Dr. Singh’s phone, but PMO sources rejected such speculations.

Back home, Manmohan Singh is getting a lot of applause for the first time since the 1991 reforms, but Rahul Gandhi is in a state of shock. He is reported to have immediately called up his mother and asked her to order Manmohan Singh to attend his next three speeches without using any earplugs.