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Manohar Parrikar shocked that his strong statements didn’t stop terrorists from attacking Army camp

30, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Nagrota: Defence Minister of India, Mr Manohar Parrikar is totally shocked that his strong words have failed to put an end to cross border terrorism after the Army camp at Nagrota was attacked yesterday. Seven soldiers were martyred in Nagrota after it was attacked by 3 terrorists wearing police uniforms.

“Did they not hear what I said?”

Mr. Parrikar had made several strong statements after the surgical strikes across LoC in which he repeatedly said that terrorists will not dare to attack India now. He had also promised that they will gouge out the eyes of anyone who looks at India with an evil eye. Evidently, those strong statements haven’t deterred anyone.

“We really thought that there won’t be any more terror attacks. After all, Mr Parrikar himself said that now even a mouse can’t come towards India and here we had 3 terrorists. Not just the Defence Minister, everyone in his ministry is in a state of deep shock. If strong statements can’t stop terror attacks then what will?” Faking News source inside Defence Ministry said.

“Just a day back he had clearly said that we will gouge out your eyes and place them on your palms if you try and attack India but apparently nobody is paying attention to what we say during rallies. Maybe it is because of the fact that Pakistan has stopped the broadcast of all Indian channels, terrorists residing there didn’t get the message. We will launch an enquiry to find out the reasons. We are also trying to get minister saab out of the shock so that he can go and explain to PM why his statements couldn’t stop terror attacks”, he added.

Meanwhile, some defence experts have advised Mr Parrikar to follow Rajnath template and just restrict himself to kadi ninda of terror attacks.