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Mayawati justifies spending huge cash and display of wealth

16, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kumari Mayawati has expressed utter puzzlement over the widespread criticism of the 200-crore party organized in the city yesterday to mark the 25th anniversary of BSP, her political party, and its founder Kanshi Ram’s birthday. She has termed such criticisms as ‘ridiculous’ and a result of manuwadi mentality. Mayawati was speaking exclusively to Faking News, where she staunchly defended her policies.

Following are the highlights of the interview with Behenji Mayawati:

Faking News (FN): Thanks Behenji for taking time out for talking to us. Let’s straightaway come to the celebrations that apparently cost rupees 200 crore! Do you think it was justified?

Behenji Mayawati (BM): I am also unhappy about it and have ordered an inquiry. It’s illogical you see; it should have been 250 crore as it was the 25th anniversary of our party.

FN: Oops! So you think spending 200 crore rupees was not such a big deal?

BM: Are you nuts or manuwadi? Lakhs of crore rupees are budgeted for non-planned expenditure by governments; one can organize dozens of such celebrations each day!

FN: But Uttar Pradesh is a poor state.

BM: Dude, whole of India is full of poor people. Does that mean no celebrations? Why organize events like IPL when so many cricket fans can’t afford two meals a day?

FN: So, you think such parties are like IPL to people living below poverty line? Do we have a new definition of BPL – Bahujan Premier League? (smiles)

BM: One more such PJ and you would be booked under the SC/ST act.

FN: We are sorry, it was just a joke. But are comparisons with IPL fair? IPL gives employment to so many people, while your parties are deemed to be just a waste of money.

BM: Of course comparisons with IPL are not fair. We don’t give money to foreigners for dancing. Right from the guy making statues to the person driving buses to bring people to rallies – all these guys get employment and they are local people in need of money. Only a fool will call it a waste of money.

FN: You seem to be quite interested in IPL, which team do you support?

BM: I don’t care man. I might support the team I intend to buy next year – Kanpur Behenji Champions (KBC). Also, I like that Lalit (Modi) dude. His name rhymes with Dalit (laughs). Jokes apart, he is a smart guy. You see, BCCI doesn’t pay tax as it is deemed as conducting ‘charity’ through IPL. I too want that my parties and park-building activities are recognized as charity work.

Money comes to Maywati naturally
Mayawati being garlanded by currency notes. Some people thought it was cool, some thought it was uncool

FN: Coming back to your party, there is huge furor over garland of currency notes that was presented to you. Do you think it was a shameless display of money?

BM: Can you tell me how a proper display of money is done?

FN: Say, a large bank cheque presented to you?

BM: And why is that proper? Because that’s the way cricketers are presented money at the end of the match? Dude, very soon even Man of the Match money would be awarded the way I was awarded money by my supporters. There is nothing proper or improper in display of money.

FN: So you think that the money was an award for you?

BM: Yes, for my good work done for the poor people.

FN: Good work done? Like?

BM: Dude, I had warned you earlier not to crack PJs, right?

FN: Oh sorry! It won’t happen again, I promise. But why should you accept money from poor people, even as an award?

BM: First go ask this question to your Rahul Baba. Why does he eat at homes of poor people, who can’t afford to feed their own family? Does he realize how much trouble those families have to go to recover the cost of his food once he leaves after consuming their stock? If I accept money from poor people, I provide them free food as well in the rallies.

FN: Let us get it straight. Are you not trying to mobilize dalit votes to counter Rahul Baba by conducting such parties?

BM: That’s bullshit.

FN: One last question. Did you really not feel afraid, even for a second, when those bees were swarming near you?

BM: I would have been if the garland was made of flowers, for bees are attracted to flowers. But my party workers could somehow sense this manuwadi conspiracy and hence presented me a garland of currency notes instead. You know, that’s why these manuwadis are so unhappy about the garland; their designs failed.

Faking News: That’s really smart of you and your men. Thanks Behenji for the interview. It was a pleasure talking to you.

Behenji Mayawati: Same here. I like journalists like you.