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Mayawati does a Rahul, spends night with a Brahmin family

26, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Chitrakoot. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and firebrand dalit leader Kumari Mayawati spent last night with a poor Brahmin family in Tilakpur village. She spent around eighteen hours with the family of Tulsi Tripathi, a poor Brahmin, starting from 5 PM on Friday to 11 AM on Saturday. She also took dinner, which was prepared without onions and garlic, and breakfast, prepared with goat milk and Texmati rice, with the family, before she decided to leave for Lucknow. The visit was a part of Chief Minister’s attempt to find out the real issues and problems of her people, a government press release told.

“It was a dream come true for us. Finally we can hope that something good can happen to us. Behenji promised that our children will get reservations in jobs. She also told that she will deliver a speech in the parliament informing the world how poorer we are becoming with each passing day. Only yesterday someone stole my goat.” Tulsi Tripathi told mediapersons.

Mayawati reaffirmed Tulsi of her support and accused Congress and Samajwadi Party supporters of creating law and order problems by stealing goats and looting Brahmins during her term. She accused other parties of showing no respect to Brahmins during their respective tenures and of exploiting them to their political benefits.

Behenji being felicitated by Brahmins
Behenji being felicitated by Brahmins

“What have these poor Brahmins got in return after supporting almost all political parties who got to power? They have neither respect nor rupees today. Their richer cousins are enjoying life in USA and dancing with Obama, and funding enemies of BSP with millions of dollars. These are my people, they are dalit Brahmins, the real harijans, the people of god.” Mayawati addressed hordes of Brahmins who clapped and pledged their support to her during elections.

Mayawati also performed a puja with the Brahmin family, where she took the role of the Goddess. After the puja, Mayawati inquired if the local Brahmins could write a Behenji Chalisa, to which the locals readily agreed.

The move is seen as Mayawati’s continuous attempt to consolidate support among the forward castes, especially Brahmins, to checkmate Congress’ attempts of wooing dalits and Samajwadi Party’s attempts to unite all backward castes. Experts believe that with this step, Mayawati has also given an answer to Congress, which has been projecting Rahul Gandhi as the original traveler and discoverer of rural India.

Expectedly, opposition parties in the state have decried Mayawati for adopting such ‘cheap’ tactics. Samajwadi Party has cautioned Brahmins against supporting BSP, claiming it to be a suicidal step for the community. The party has promised to replace all stolen goats of Brahmins with cows if they came to power.

Congress too has cautioned Brahmins and asked them to stick to their original party. The party also claimed that Mayawati had insulted Brahmins as she took bath with a special soap after coming back to Lucknow from the Brahmin colony. Congress has asked Mayawati to apologize to the Brahmin community for her humiliating acts.

When asked about this incident, Mayawati’s office refuted the charges vigorously and accused Congress of spreading rumors to create disharmony in the state. Her secretary informed that Mayawati always took bath with special soaps, for which ninety three lakh rupees were budgeted last year, and her bathing was a regular job and in no way related to her stay at a Brahmin’s house.

Furious by these allegations, Mayawati also fired fresh allegations against Rahul Gandhi, accusing him of using a body-double while moving in trains as part of austerity drive. She also claimed that it was a duplicate of Rahul Gandhi who spent a night with a dalit family recently.