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Mayawati’s missing shoes were thrown at Rahul Gandhi

23, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Dehradun. The shoe thrown at Rahul Gandhi during a public rally here has been found to be belonging to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kumari Mayawati. The shoes were actually sandals, which had gone missing two years ago after they arrived in India in a special empty jet from London. Police has launched an inquiry into how the sandals landed into the hands of the shoe thrower Ramdin, who happens to be a local shopkeeper.

“The shoe thrower has been charged on two counts – violence and theft,” local police inspector Dhiren Dadwal informed, “We suspect that Ramdin is a thief who stole the sandals of Mayawatiji, which had caused a major administrative crisis in the state at that time.”

Mayawati showing the number of shoes Rahul Gandhi has now

Sources tell Faking News that Mayawati had suspended at least four IAS officers after the sandals went missing two years ago. A massive shoe-hunt was also launched but the Uttar Pradesh police couldn’t locate the sandals.

“Now we know that the sandals had been smuggled out of the state into neighboring Uttrakhand,” a suspended IAS officer concluded and blamed Ramdin for setback to his professional career.

Having attempted physical assault on Rahul Gandhi and stolen personal belongings of Mayawati, Ramdin has now become the most wanted criminal in the country. CBI, Delhi police, Uttar Pradesh police, and Uttrakhand police are all fighting for his custody.

Meanwhile politics has broken out over the incident with Congress accusing Mayawati of having amassed benaami sandals all over the country worth billions of rupees.

“This is a bigger scam than the 2G scam or the CWG scam and must be investigated,” Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi said. She also thanked Rahul Gandhi for forgiving Ramdin and demanded Bharat Ratna for the young leader.

But Mayawati is least amused. She has not only rubbished Congress’ charges, but went on to accuse Rahul Gandhi of having stolen her sandals.

“I don’t blame Ramdin, it’s the yuvraaj who has my sandals now, and he has possessed it illegally” Mayawati claimed, “He had even said, ‘ek aur phenko’ (give one more to me) when one shoe was thrown at him, which clearly shows that he wants to take away my things.”