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MBA no more attractive, being Parliament MP most sought after job of 2015

14, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: A research by a manpower consulting agency has revealed startling information related to jobs that are most sought after by ‘Young India’.

The place where Young India wants to be
The place where Young India wants to be

As per the report, sarkari jobs which were till now looked down by many, are now ranked top preferred by most looking for professional qualification, especially being an MP.

The report says that the ‘No Work All Pay’ culture has attracted a lot of young Indian’s who don’t want to succumb to endless work pressure and would like to enjoy life instead.

Raunak Singh who works for an IT company in Bangalore and till few days back was planning to pursue MBA, has thrown away his CAT preparation books and is now devoting himself completely to politics spoke to our reporter and said, “As part of my current job in IT industry, I end up working for 14 hours every day. Not to mention the extra work I do on weekends and promotion chances are looking bleak this year too. I thought getting an MBA will change all that and probably help me command a higher pay.”

“But it seem like every Neil Nitin Mukesh is an MBA these days. Besides, look how much fun our MPs are having. All they do is scream in the Parliament and adjourn it, no attendance compulsory, weekends off, subsidized canteen food, no appraisal but still hike in salary. That too without having to slog for getting a professional degree,” he said even as he tied bundles of MBA preparation material, ready to be given to the raddiwala.

Report also elaborates on how CAT, the most popular competitive exam amongst college graduates has already lost its sheen. IIMs too have reported a drop in number of students. “There was a time a time when OB vans used to be parked outside CAT exam venues on last Sunday of every November. Just appearing the exam made you a half MBA, all that is gone now,” said an IIM aspirant, who has been trying to crack the exam for the last 10 years.

“Why do you even need any professional qualification in politics? You could be an MBA-IAS and still be taking orders from someone who has not even completed his schooling,” he added.