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MCD offers to pay back loan by making its employees wear Delhi govt’s posters

03, Feb 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After Delhi government gave a loan of 550 crore rupees to MCD enabling them to pay salaries to their employees, the municipal corporation has offered to pay back the loan in a fashion loved by the state government – advertisements and posters.

“Our employees will become walking billboards and they will wear posters and advertisements issued by the Kejriwal government from time to time,” an MCD officer explained how the corporation plans to pay back the loan.

“See, the annual advertisement budget of Delhi government is almost same as what they have loaned us,” the officer further explained, “They should consider that money spent on us. After all the chances of a person noticing us in the streets of Delhi is more than a person listening to a Radio ad or watching TV ad. Our employees reach more people in Delhi than some top TV channels.”

Delhi govt ad
One of the ways in which the MCD will pay back the loan

Sources say that MCD has already finalized their ‘banner rates’ and terms of engagement, and all of them are all set to become human billboards.

As per the plan, MCD employees – from those sitting in offices to those collecting garbage in the streets – will wear clothes that will have government ads printed over them. Apart from that, the vehicles and equipments of the corporations will also have Delhi government’s ad stickers for maximum inventory utilization.

“Some of our employees are very fat as they don’t do much work in office, but that will help the government,” the officer said, “They will wear bigger clothes so they can display bigger ads when they come out of the office and travel in public transport.”

“Furthermore, many of our employees have jhaadoo in their hands, so the advertisement will be a surrogate advertisement for Kejriwal Sir’s party too. He should simply love our offer!” the officer explained.

“Even if we are to protest against the Delhi government again, at least one of our posters will still be the government poster,” the MCD officer offered.

The Delhi government is yet to react to the MCD’s offer, but sources say that many in the government are hugely excited about the prospects.

“Imagine so many moving posters blaming Modi and thanking Kejriwal, that’d just be so awesome!” a minister in the Delhi government is reported to have told in the meeting called to discuss MCD’s offer.