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Media agencies to Kapil Mishra: Tell us if you are going to come up with any new allegations, have to plan our leaves accordingly

25, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Kapil Mishra has been promising a big expose on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal almost on a daily basis, but each time his threats have turned out to be empty. But to everyone’s surprise, he has not come up with any new allegations in the last 5 days. Media agencies are worried about this and are not able to plan their holidays due to this. They have requested Kapil to let them know about any new allegations, if at all he has any, so that their staff can plan their leaves accordingly. kapil-mishra-presser_650x400_61494145413

He first accused Kejriwal of accepting a Rs 2 crore ‘bribe’ from Health Minister Satyendra Jain in connection with a land deal. He then went to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and submitted some incriminating documents. Media was getting some continuous work due to Mishra’s allegations and most of its staff was kept occupied by his stories. But most of them are now waiting for his next allegation, which can pop up anytime, and due to this they are not able to apply for leave.

Faking News reporter caught up with the head of Delhi media association Mr. Harneet Ahuja and he had this to say,” As a politician one should know when to start and when to stop making allegations. You cannot just start building a story and then wait for 5 days and then change the story. 100s of people are working day and night in covering Kapil Mishra’s stories, no one has gone on leave since last 10 days thinking that Kapil ji will come up with some breaking news. Kapil ji should provide us a schedule of when he is going to break any news related to corruption and scams and we will allocate resources accordingly..”

Well the idea does make sense and as we write here, many journalists and reporters are praying for the plan to work. The ball is in the court of Kapil Mishra now.