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Messi retired after Subramanian Swamy’s allegations that he is not mentally fully Argentine

28, Jun 2016 By Santosh Pradhan

Buenos Aires: Argentina’s loss at the Copa America final broke the heart of Messi and his fans. This was billed as a chance for Messi to become immortal, someone like a Pele or a Maradona. He lived up to the expectations through the early stages but somehow faltered in the final.

Messi after listening to Swamy

If that was something of heartbreak, the retirement announcement he made after the match was a shocker, to say the least. On being questioned on the reasons for his decisions, Messi refused to answer initially but eventually revealed the shocking reason. According to Messi, pressure from Subramanian Swamy was building day by day, and that he was not able to perform at the levels expected from him. Swamy had alleged that Messi is more of a club footballer who gives more importance to Barcelona than to his national team. He also went further to add that Messi is not mentally fully Argentine.

Our secret reporter Sanil Jain was in constant touch with Messi and tried to dig deeper for us to know the truth.

Messi had heard stories of how scared the Gandhi family, Raghuram Rajan and other congress leaders are from Swamy’s constant attacks. Swamy also has the proof of income generated by Messi in Spain and said that he will make it public for all to see that Messi cares for Spain more. He had accused Messi of having illegal land in Italy given to him by the Congress government and had also accused Messi of hoarding black money in his Swiss account.

Messi has apologized to his fans about his international retirement and also conveyed his helplessness against Swamy. People in Argentina are shocked by the internal knowledge Swamy has about their country. Many political parties are offering him candidature for the next elections. As far as Messi is concerned, he has wished Argentina’s next Captain well and hopes Argentina wins something big in the future. Swamy had a secret conversation with Messi that if he retires, Swamy won’t make his allegations public anymore. So at last it is a win- win situation for both.

Other football federations across the globe are requesting Swamy to share all football related documents he has with him and extend help to fight out graft in Football.