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Michael Phelps will swim at the next Saifai mahotsav: Mulayam Singh

10, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Saifai: World famous annual Saifai mahotsav is going to be extra special this time as Samajwadi party supremo Mulayam Singh is all set to rope in Michael Phelps for the event. Phelps, who has won 22 Olympic Golds thus far, will swim against Azam Khan’s buffaloes in the village pond in a race for the ages.

Phelps preparing for the Saifai mahotsav
Phelps preparing for the Saifai mahotsav

Saifai mahotsav is an annual event where Samajwadi Party invites all the major stars from Bollywood to perform. However, looking at the popularity of Olympics, they have decided to invite world famous sportsmen as well this year. To start this new trend at Saifai, they have gone for the best- The most decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps.

“The aim of Saifai mahotsav is to provide good entertainment to the locals and also to show the outside world how developed this place is. Till date we were only inviting people from Mumbai but now we have decided to go global. Youngsters are very interested in Olympics these days and they keep talking about this Phelps chap whole day. Now we have to please them with elections around the corner, so we have announced that we are bringing Phelps to Saifai”, a Samajwadi party spokesman said.

“We will organize this epic race between this Phelps and Azam Khan Ji’s buffaloes in the village pond. We can have a 200 meters race where Phelps will use Butterfly stroke and buffaloes will go freestyle. We are thinking about broadcasting it live as well, talks are ongoing with Star Sports. Earlier we brought the world to Saifai, now we will be taking Saifai to the world”, the spokesman added.

As per sources, there is also a plan to bring Usain Bolt to Saifai mahotsav as well. “We will put our village dogs behind Bolt, then we will see who runs faster, Bolt or our Bhura kutta”, our source in Samajwadi party said.