Migrant MLA stuck at state border, all parties send a private helicopter each to rescue him

30, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Migrants are having a tough time dealing with first the coronavirus, and then the lack of planning from the center and state government in dealing with the mass exodus.

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Not much has been done for the migrants and many are stuck at different state borders. But as soon as news of a migrant MLA went viral on channels, every party sent a private helicopter to rescue this MLA and to take him to the 5-star quarantine centers.

Lakhs of migrants were left stranded in different parts of the country after a 21-day nationwide lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week to fight coronavirus or COVID-19, which has infected over 1,000 in the country, killed at least 29.

The MLA, Sanil Srivastava, is an MP resident, but he is an MLA of UP. He was going to his state due to the lockdown and had started walking on foot due to the non-availability of vehicles.

It was only after he reached the MP border that police informed the politicians about him and in 10 minutes there were 4-5 private helicopters waiting for him. He has not decided yet as to which helicopter to take, but we will soon get back to you once the decision is taken.