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Minister accused of horse-trading was actually trading horses from his farm, says police report

05, Aug 2017 By RT

India. A minister accused of horse-trading was actually trading horses from his farm, says the local police report. The minister is having a farm, a farmhouse and a few related properties in the rural area of the state, it is learnt by Faking News.

“I don’t trade with animals except horses. For heaven’s sake, I don’t trade my cattle. My horses fetch me good bargain year after year. People within my own party admit that I am the best in the business when it comes to horse-trading. Quite often, the media and the opposition use my business against me, calling me being involved in horse-trading in a negative sense,” the minister told Faking News.

“It is unfortunate in India that the entire political game is limited to a few phrases. Vendetta politics, horse-trading, political realignment, coalition, outside support, issue-based support etc., And then there are gates. Any scam, small or big is always suffixed with a gate. It is sickening really, to have a few hundred ScamGates. With this limited phrases and vocabulary, a few honest businessmen in politics like me are affected,” he further added.

When asked if he ever was involved in negotiating with MLAs for any kind of support, the minister denied the charges immediately. “No. Never. I mean I might have hosted my party MLAs in the farmhouse once or twice during political instability in our state or in the other states. Coincidentally, horse-trading might have happened in my farm with my horses, at the same time. But, nothing to do with MLAs being there,” he cleared the accusations by the media and the opposition.

The horse-trading done by the minister is always in the range of a few crores, an insider from the farmhouse told Faking News, on the condition of anonymity.