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Minister of State has now finely settled into doing nothing

22, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Having been jobless for over eight months since the new UPA government took charge, some Ministers of State (MoS) are now scared at the mere thought of working. This aspect was brought to the fore when one such MoS agreed for a frank and honest interview with Faking News. The MoS claimed that he had nicely settled into doing nothing and it would be virtually impossible for him to change gears now.

“I don’t have any complaints. I seriously have no idea why some of my colleagues went to meet Prime Minister to ask for work. In fact, I feel so comfortable now, and I might not be able to function as a Minister if some work was brought before me.” said the MoS, who didn’t want to be quoted but we will refer him as Aaram Babu for the rest of the article.

Central Secretariat
One of the buildings where many ministers work, well, almost

Babu also revealed that he has now come around to enjoy his lifestyle, where he has enough time to feed the pigeons visiting his Lutyen’s Delhi bungalow apart from watching family soaps on television with his wife.

“I really wonder if Saarika is actually conspiring against her mother-in-law. Our society has grown so complex.” said a pensive Babu as he discussed his daily routine with our reporter.

But Aaram Babu is not a permanent feature at home because of lack of work. He goes to his office daily in his Ambassador car and spends hours before his laptop. Babu has a very strong social life in the virtual world.

“I often wondered how Shashi Tharoor could keep so busy despite being a Minister of State. After the ‘cattle class’ controversy, I started surfing internet and joined twitter, orkut, and facebook. It keeps me busy during my office hours.” said Babu, who is fan of pages like “Sleeping”, “I love my job”, and “Randomly laughing because you remembered something funny” on facebook.

To enjoy the leisure time that he gets after finishing his routine work at office and at home, Aaram Babu has got a swing installed in his bungalow garden where he spends time reading some of his favorite magazines. He gave this interview on the same swing.

“It’s a very simple swing and didn’t cost much. I deliberately didn’t buy that costlier Swiss design swing as we were told to follow austerity.” Babu said as he caressed the cushion of the swing seat.

Aaram Babu believes that the exercise by some of his colleagues to meet PM for work would go in vain as it was not the job of a PM to create jobs.

“Do they really think that PM can create jobs? Bullshit! How many jobs were created during recession? It’s a free economy, forces of demand and supply will work. Yeah, it’s a different matter if something on the lines of NREGA was offered.” said Babu, mooting the idea for National Minister’s Employment Guarantee Act (NMEGA), but pleaded to keep himself out of the purview of this act.

Babu also suggested that other Ministers of State could take up freelance projects if they were so eager for some work.