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Miss Universe title captivates Venezuela, but could start regional conflict in India

24, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Miss Universe 2009
Miss Universe 2009

Caracas, Venezuela. Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, the president of Venezuela, has declared ‘beauty contests’ as the national game of his country after Miss Venezuela Stefanía Fernández was elected Miss Universe 2009 earlier today. This was the sixth title victory by Venezuela and it has taken the country to the second spot, only one victory behind USA. Chávez was very impressed with the results and hoped that his country will soon defeat USA.

“With the blessings of Jesus, we would soon show the USA what it takes to be a true American. Our girls have shown the way, and our boys too would prevail.” Chávez hoped and declared that his government will extend all possible support to girls willing to take part in various beauty contests. Government owned modeling agencies and coaching institutes will be established in various parts of the country to help willing girls know more about being beautiful.

The move has inspired many in India who want the Indian government to follow suit.

“It has been over a decade since an Indian won the Miss Universe title. The government can’t sit idle and do nothing about it. There are various loopholes in the whole system and we must act before it’s too late.” Shyam Sundar, an avid beauty contest follower said.

Experts and analysts believe that government should focus more on the South Indian states as North Indian girls have failed to do well. Ekta Choudhary, the Indian representative at the Miss Universe 2009 contest, was from Delhi. Experts have pointed out that earlier winners of the title from India were from South Indian states. Sushmita Sen was from Hyderabad while Lara Dutta, though born in Ghaziabad, was raised in Bangalore.

“People residing southwards tend to be more beautiful. This is true for each continent. South American countries have won the maximum number of beauty contest titles. Only South African countries have been able to win titles among all the African countries, and India itself is a South Asian country for that matter. We should go further down south and encourage girls from South Indian states.” Dakshineshwar Patil, a beauty contest expert argued.

The issue is threatening to blow into a regional bickering in India between North Indian and South Indian states after Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda rubbished such claims and counter-argued that India stood the best chance if a Haryanwi girl was sent to beauty contests. Hooda was addressing a gathering as a part of his “Number One Haryana” poll campaign.