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MLAs demand 100% pay hike after rent of their bungalows doubled to 1000 Rs

09, Jul 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: After eight years Karnataka Assembly secretariat decided to increase the rent of the bungalows legislators occupy from 500 rupees per month to 1000 rupees per month, a whopping 100% increase at one stroke.


The sitting MLAs and MLCs who are struggling to make their ends meet have asked for an immediate 100% pay hike to absorb this sudden increase in rent.

“I am struggling to breathe here properly in such a cramped space. Feel so bad when my party workers come here, we do not have adequate space to sit here to do chit-chat over a cup of hot coffee”, said MLA N. Jayaraj pointing to the 60 by 80 feet cramped living room where he was sitting.

“Ok, fine, you increased the rent. What new facilities secretariat is planning to provide us. Same old basic facilities like Ayurvedic massage parlor, fully equipped gym, food courts serving only north and south Indian foods, a seminar hall to conduct press conference. All these facilities are also not free of cost, per day we are paying 10 rupees for each facility”, said Jayaraj.

“It does not sound good being a law maker to sound threatening. But if there is no pay hike immediately, we will go on indefinite strike. As you know we are here to serve common people, if we are inconvenienced, not at peace, so will be people of the state. They will also come to the street to join us”, said Jayaraj who showed us an application form with a set of demands which they are submitting to CM where all the sitting MLAs and MLCs have signed irrespective of their party affiliation.

Other than the 100 percent salary hike another major demand from Karnataka legislators is to have ultra-high speed internet inside assembly hall as well as at their residences so that when they feel bored, they can watch videos uninterrupted.

Our reporter who was following Mr. Jayaraj while having one on one conversation lost his away as there were so many rooms inside the bungalow. Thanks to MLA’s secretary, he guided him to come out of the 3-acre property.