MNS Buys Drones to Attack Fastag Lanes

06, Feb 2020 By electroman

Mumbai. After the announcement from Transport Ministry in going digital with the toll booths. They will be implementing Fastag lanes all over the country. vehicles without Fastags will be charged double the toll. This news has been welcomed by the MNS chief Raj Thackerey. He has informed his cadre to go digital as well. In the ever-changing world of politics, you should keep yourself updated to match your adversary’s every move.1-233

The usual mode of operation of MNS was to beat up toll booth workers and damage the booths by throwing stones or beating with sticks. Now the new digital wing of MNS will be launched who will be in charge of buying drones. In case Raj Thackerey’s motorcade is blocked by toll booths for not having Fastag, they will release the drones and start attacking the booths.

They are also in talks with James Cameroon to design the drones in their flag colors and look in a menacing manner. The drones will also be used for their other social activities like beating up immigrants and Valentine’s day couples. The drone will come with a variety of weapons selection, such as long stick, short stick, black ink, Mangalsutra, etc. The premium version will have an animatronic version of Raj Thackerey sitting on top of it.

They are also planning to release surface droids which will go by foot and collect complimentary Vada pavs from street vendors. If the vendors refuse to give, then drones will be released to attack the shops.