MNS to file Patent for 'Beating up North Indians' after Gujarat copies the model

12, Oct 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: After the chief ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar expressed concerns against the widespread attacks on migrant workers in Gujarat that has sparked an exodus —the situation took another political turn — as the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee has now decided to stage a state-wide protest on Tuesday against the atrocities.


The beating up of North Indians was something new in the state of Gujarat as many migrants work there for years. But now that the violence has happened, MNS, a prominent party in Maharashtra has filed for the patent as they think that ‘beating up north Indians’ is their invention.

MNS will submit proofs in form of photos and videos to the court to prove that they have beaten more north Indians than entire India including Gujarat. Raj Thackeray has asked all his members to increase the violence and defeat Gujarat in this race to become anti-north Indians. According to Raj and his associates, MNS has been beating up North Indians since last 10 years, and Gujarat has just bluntly copied the model without paying any royalty.

Raj Thackeray also believes that it’s not only about the beating up of people, but its also about how well you beat, and what measures you take to make sure that the person and his/her family doesn’t return to the state. The matter is pending with the patent commission to make a decision to whether grant the so-called patent to MNS or not.