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Modi didn’t allow my phone inside CM meet because I use a common Nokia 1100: Kejriwal

24, Jul 2016 By dasu

Delhi: After attending Inter-state council meet last Saturday, Kejriwal had complained to PM Narendra Modi asking why he was not allowed to carry his mobile phone inside. Now he has zeroed in on the problem, Kejriwal has claimed that his phone wasn’t allowed inside because he uses a humble Nokia 1100 while those carrying fancy smartphones were allowed inside.

Nokia 1100
Aam aadmi ka aam phone

While speaking to us, Kejriwal said, “They told me it is a security threat to carry the phone inside. If that was the case, then why were the CMs having iPhones were allowed to take it inside. Is that not a security threat? I removed my phone out of the pouch and showed to the security official, see this is Nokia 1100. Neither this phone has a camera nor it supports internet connection. It is a common phone, like I am a common man.”

Mr. Kejriwal added, “But the security official refused to budge. It seems like special instructions were given by Amit Shah to give me special attention. Even they did not allow Mamatadi to carry her phone.  After she started getting frequent calls from her secretariat at Kolkata, then security official handed over the phone to her and allowed her to take it inside”

Mr. Kejriwal said, “My phone is very important for me sa I have to care about every state ruled by NDA. My phone is the only way I can stay in touch with the developments in all those states. By taking my phone away from me, BJP was just trying to ensure their failures don’t reach me.”

When we asked Mr. Kejriwal how he manages to tweet using a Nokia 1100, he replied, “One must have the right intentions, even Nokia 1000 starts tweeting for you.”