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Modi gives a money plant to Andhra CM, after giving soil and water at Amaravati

27, Oct 2015 By Rajesh Turlapati

Delhi: PM Narendra Modi announced a special package for Andhra Pradesh today. The announcement came after backlash from people in Andhra who were expecting announcement of ‘Special status/package’ from Modi when he came to Amaravati for laying foundation stone.

Will a money plant replace special packages?
Will a money plant replace special packages?

It is known that Modi left Amaravati, by just giving a mere pot of water and soil as a symbol for Centre’s support for capital development.

The Special package was announced in a press meet held in New Delhi today by Venkaiah Naidu on behalf of PM Modi.

“We understand the backlash from Andhra people, when Modi merely gave water and soil during Foundation ceremony. So, we came up with this Special package,” said Mr. Naidu by pointing a ‘Special Gift Package’ on his table at Press meet.

When asked about what is there inside the package, Mr Naidu replied, “It is a Money Plant. We understood that mere soil and water cannot help Andhra. So, we are giving a plant also,” he said.

“It is not an ordinary plant. This is a ‘Money plant’ given by Ramdev Baba which will generate money and prosper the city when it grows,” he added.

“Modi also wanted to give ‘Special Status’ to Andhra Pradesh. But, then we realised that AP is already in a special status called ‘Limbo Status’ after the state separation. So, we decided not to change its status, as we felt we can’t make it any worse,” said Mr. Naidu.

“BJP has fulfilled all its election promises and we do anything to make it possible,” he screamed answering a reporter’s question.

“For example, to fulfill ‘Acche Din’ promise, Modi had previously asked his Ministers to distribute ‘Good day’ biscuits to people,” he reminded.

“Similarly, we poured black ink on some rupee coins and brought from Switzerland, to fulfill ‘Black money retrieval’ promise,” he explained.

While Andhra BJP leaders are in confusion of what to do with ‘Money plant’, Bihar BJP leaders reportedly talking to PM office about clear details on special package announced in Bihar.