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Modi opts out of PM race, BJP puts up an ex-software engineer as new candidate

28, Mar 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In a shocking move, BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi has decided to opt out from the race of country’s top job. Experts say that he peaked too early and felt symptoms of fatigue, ending in voluntary withdrawal from the race.

Totally confused about what to do and not willing to go back to LK Adavni, BJP announced that Coder Singh, a 33-year-old person with no political experience, was their new PM candidate. Coder Singh is an ex-software engineer with 5 years of development experience in .NET, a Microsoft developed framework.

Communal Code
Communal Code

But despite his blank political background, he is being called a communal, controversial, divisive, and a threat to the “idea of India” by the same people who earlier claimed that they were opposed to Modi only, and not BJP per se.

“Hinduism, I mean, Hindu nationalism is a threat to this country and Coder’s mind must be decoded. I think he is dangerous to our pluralistic society,” Panchsheel Tripathi, a London based liberal tweeted within two minutes of BJP announcing its new candidate.

Not only alleged intellectuals, but political opponents too announced that they will not let Coder get success in capturing Delhi.

Soon after the announcement, UPA cabinet passed an ordinance to bring software codes written in private companies under RTI. Reportedly, they did so to dig into Coder’s past work. They hired some top class software engineers, not under eNREGA scheme that is used to hire only low class trolls but under professional contracts, to scrutinize the codes written by Coder Singh.

Apparently the hired software engineers could find some bug, which led Congress chief Sonia Gandhi to launch a scathing attack on Coder Singh. She immediately called him “Bug ka Saudagar” and her fellow party members made serious allegations about his past.

“We found ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in one of the comments that he added in his code block while working for a software company in 2012. This is the new face of Internet Hindus and right-wing ideology,” claimed Digvijay Singh showing a snippet of the code as proof.

However, Coder Singh himself is very proud of his coding past. He even showed a bug-free application that he developed while working with one of the companies.

“It has been given clean chit by testers of that company, it’s totally bug free and many have praised my codes for being as beautiful as poetry,” the new PM candidate of BJP told Faking News.

However claims of being bug free was rejected by AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, who raised question marks over the quality of application developed by Coder Singh.

“Who are these testers, sab mile huye hain ji. I have tested it rigorously for 2 days, it’s flawed and buggy,” claimed Arvind Kejriwal at a press conference.

On being asked about specific details of the bugs, he warned media to not doubt his testing skills. “Although I have no development experience, but I am a born tester,” he said.

Kejriwal even slammed Coder Singh for working on Microsoft Technologies.

“Why he didn’t use open source frameworks? Why he preferred C# over PHP? He is hand in gloves with tech goon Microsoft. If he comes to power, he is going to promote Bill Gates agenda and all open source coders will die without job,” Kejriwal claimed.

Latest reports suggest that BJP is planning to drop Coder Singh as PM candidate and look for a candidate that will be accepted by people who would anyway never vote for the party.