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Modi promises strong action against Pak after Uri attack, says will attend next Nawaz birthday without gift

18, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Shortly after the deadly terror attack in Uri, Indian PM Narendra Modi has promised everyone that he will take strong action against Pakistan. PM Modi has assured the nation that for next birthday party of Nawaz Sharif, he will go without a birthday gift.

Earlier today, an attack on Uri was carried out by terrorists that resulted in martyrdom of 17 soldiers, 4 terrorists were also neutralised.

‘No birthday gift for you this year’

“Initially we thought strong condemnation by our home minister Mr Rajnath Singh would be enough but when we came to know about the scale of the tragedy, we decided that only words will not suffice. The nation is angry at this loss of lives of our soldiers and looks up to Mr Modi for action and we have decided to act. There will not be any gift for Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif this year from Mr Modi”, a PMO official said.

“Not just Nawaz Sharif, no other member of Sharif family will get a gift either. This strong step will really put Pakistan in place and tell them that they can’t keep supporting terror attacks against India. We initially thought about boycotting the birthday party completely but that reaction would have been slightly too strong”, the official added.

As per sources, this isn’t the only action planned against Pakistan. Defense ministry is also planning surgical strikes by dossiers against Pakistan. The largest ever dossier against Pakistan is being prepared that will be airdropped in key government offices across Pakistan.

These planned moves have already shaken Nawaz Sharif and he has clarified once again through the press that Pakistan PM is not responsible for Pakistan’s action.