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Modi pursues another one of Congress policies; Adopts Robert Vadra as son-in-law

09, Feb 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

New Delhi: The Nation woke up to a big shock today as Narendra Modi announced that he is adopting Robert Vadra as his son-in-law.

Little Vadra can play freely again
Little Vadra can play freely again

“This is a natural progression considering that we have been mostly pursuing the policies of the Congress like NREGA, Food Security, incremental reforms, food inflation, talks with Pakistan etc”, said Arun Jaitley with a wide grin, “but, as is our wont, we will implement congress policies better than Congress.”

Haryana government was lightening quick to react as CM Manoharlal Khattar immediately allotted 2000 square yards of prime land in Rohtak to Robert Vadra for setting up a world class think tank on “good governance”. To further prove that they mean business, Haraya government also transferred Ashok Khemka to another punishment posting.

The move was immediately hailed by the English media as the big ticket reform that India had been waiting for. Liberals all over India hailed the announcement as a sign of tolerance coming back to India and to show their change of heart, immediately started lobbying for awards and plush postings.

Meanwhile, Congress has attacked Narendra Modi and NDA Government for trying to usurp the legacy of another Congress stalwart after Sardar Patel. “BJP has no leader connected to the land, zameen se jude neta as we say. Therefore, they are now trying to grab the legacy of Shri Robert Vadra”, said senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh.

However, regular Modi basher Arvind Kejriwal declined to comment on this development. “Sir ji isn’t supposed to talk about people related to Congress and Robert Vadra hasn’t clarified whether he still has links with Congress or not. We are waiting for his clarification before speaking out against Vadra and Modi on this”, an AAP insider told us.

As this goes to the press, our sources are telling us that BJP social media team and the volunteers crashed twitter while attempting to mass delete their tweets mocking Vadra.