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Modi to be MP from both Varanasi and Vadodara seats using 3D holographic technology

13, May 2014 By Ambuj Tiwari

New Delhi. After Exit Polls predicted a certain NDA government at center, BJP has gone into the mode of government formation and taking decisions and post poll planning. Today in a press conference, party president Rajnath Singh said that Narendra Modi will not do any injustice to either Varanasi or Vadodara and will continue as a Member of Parliament for both the constituencies.

He claimed that it was possible to do so with some amendments in the constitution as he was confident that the BJP will form the government with a sweeping majority, which will give it the powers to change the constitution like Indira and Rajiv did.

Modi Hologram
Har har Modi, ghar ghar Modi.

“Just like technology has been adopted by cricket, our parliament should also adopt it. It shouldn’t be made compulsory for a person to resign from one seat if he wins from two,” Mr. Singh explained.

Rajnath Singh quickly left the press conference as he had to attend meetings to finalize cabinet. Later this Faking News reporter reached out to a party member who disclosed the modus operandi on conditions of anonymity and some donations to his private fund.

He started with the statement, “Itni chhoti baat aap ko samajh nahi aayi yaar, Abki baar modi sarkar!” Later he explained that BJP will be using the same 3D holographic technology which we used for the poll campaign. This way, Narendra Modi  can be at two places at a time and thus can represent the two parliamentary seats simultaneously.

Party sources say that the technology has been designed in such a way that the  virtual 3D Narendra Modi will be able to debate with the original Narendra Modi, so that the viewers are totally convinced about the dual role he promised to play.

Going further, the BJP is planning to use the same technique to let Narendra Modi continue as the Chief Minister of Gujarat as well as the Prime Minister of India. Constitutional amendments will make it all legal.

The party workers, who aware of this technology, were enthusiastic and one of them was of the opinion that constitution should be further amended to allow Narendra Modi to contest  from all the 543 constituencies in the next Lok Sabh elections.

“Even if someone is disqualified for showing poll symbol, or another is denied visa by US, we can always have the original Narendra Modi safe!” said an exited BJP worker.