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Modi to visit India to sign a deal; forgets he is PM

06, Dec 2015 By mahagareebaadmiparty

New Delhi: In breaking news, it was reported that Modi will visit India in December for 3 days to sign a deal; forgetting that he is PM.

Modi on a foreign tour to India
Modi on a foreign tour to India

After this Modi will leave for ISIS ISS (International Space Station). “No firm date has been set yet for the visit. We are hoping that it will take place sometime in December. Most likely, it will be in the first week of the month as it snows is less cold and peak season time,” said the source.

Modi has visited some 113 odd countries in the past 18 months after becoming the Prime Minister of India as reported by the ANI / Reuters.

Staying abroad successfully for over 6 months at a stretch, perhaps Modi has forgotten he is the PM. This in itself is a record by any Indian politician.

The last record was set by former President Partibha Ji who visited 97 countries during her 5 year tenure but always remebered that she was President.

Modi will be visiting India to meet Foreign Minister Swaraj-nath (sing) and discuss Intra-governmental Commission on Economic and Military-Technical Cooperation.

A meeting with the Finance Minister Jet Lee is also scheduled to congratulate him on his achievement of the new 0.5% Swag Bharat Cess. He will also meet Energy Minister Pashu Goyal to discuss in detail about his plans to harness Wind Energy, Solaar Energy and Weed  Energy. Modi is also assumed to pay commission to his travel agent for confirmed Tatkal tickets.

Upon hearing this news, Bhramit Shah was overwhelmed and declared a party holiday for Party (all night).

“I will meet Modi Ji after six long months. Can’t wait to meet him soon. Hope he remembers me,” Shah exclaimed. Other party veterans like Andvani also spoke to faking news reporter and told him that he wished for Modi’s longer trip abroad as this gives him enough room to establish his powers in the party premises. Otherwise he feels like Rahul Baba when Modi is around because nobody pays attention to what he says.

It is also confirmed by the PMO and MOEA that Modi may provide visa on arrival to all astronauts returning from the space via Indian launch vehicles on Indian boundaries.

This is done in order to promote his upcoming visit to ISS and also to gain support from the participating nations. ISS is the International Space Station set up by the US of A for surveillance reaching new dimensions in the field of space research.

Modi will celebrate New Year at ISS with astronauts and sign the following treaties:

a.     Promotion and development of space selfie likes

b.     Expansion of twitter followers through random space tweets and re-tweets by astronauts

c.     Development of satellite signal system for extension of 4G spectrum to penetrate deep into 7 RCR for uninterrupted social interaction

d.     Addition of a backup satellite to be planted near ISS for continuous data coverage in 7 RCR, AI, etc.

Politicians from over the world are flabbergasted as no other politician in the history of Indiankind has visited space. On asking his views about Modi in space, Ubama told faking news, “Anything that occupies space and has weight”.

Modi will also address the nation on New Year eve from space and repeat those cliché words that Rakesh Sharma told Indira Ji in 1984, “Saare Jahan se Acha……”