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Modi tweets in Java language to greet a software engineer

14, Dec 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted in Java language while greeting a software programmer on Saturday.

The Bangalore based programmer N.D Bhakt, who was celebrating his 31st birthday on Saturday is an ardent supporter of Modi and has been an active follower of Modi on Twitter since 2011.

Modi Twitter
“I love technology”

“It is known that Modi had tweeted recently in Russian and Tamil languages to greet Russsian President Putin and superstar Rajinikanth respectively (Thanks to Google Translate). Now, with the new tweet, Modi Ji has taken another step forward by tweeting in computer programming language,” said a BJP leader, “You see, how tech-savvy he is.”

This is what Modi tweeted:

public class HappyBirthday { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“Happy, Birthday”); } }

Rahul Gandhi, however, criticized Modi in a press conference claiming that Modi has actually copied his Java program in the tweet.

“BJP has been copying all our UPA programmes and renaming them. Modi has now copied my ‘Hello world’ program and renamed it to ‘Happy Birthday’. The ‘Hello World’ program was actually my final year project, it took me 52 days to write that code, you can also check with my university,” claimed Rahul Gandhi, “I have always said, if India is a computer, then Congress is its fault program.”

“I mean.. default program, not fault program,” clarified Rahul, correcting himself after a reporter in the conference pointed out.

“Manmohan Singh, while he was PM, had delivered his silent speeches in 154 languages,” recalled Rahul Gandhi.

On the other hand, Digvijay Singh blamed Modi of ignoring Python programmers, who are in minority in India. “He is simply trying to appease the majority,” commented Mr. Singh.

The ‘Hello World’ program issue has taken centre stage in media (mainly because they didn’t find any other TRP generating nuisance news).

Arnab Goswami lead the campaign by allotting his ‘The Newshour’ ‘debate’ to the ‘Hello world’ issue. After bashing BJP and Congress for one hour, Arnab concluded debate naming himself as the creator of first ‘Hello World’ program.

The debate also had highly experienced programmers from top consulting companies who never got a chance to talk.

Meanwhile, AAP leader Prashant Bushan raised questions on the tweet made by Modi.

“Modi’s program is corrupted. We had run that in our server, and I can confirm with documented proof that it has serious syntax errors,” said Prashant Bushan lashing out at Modi.