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Modi used laughing gas before meeting Kejriwal to keep smiling during the meeting: Sources

12, Feb 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. If sources are to be believed, PM Narendra Modi reportedly inhaled laughing gas before meeting AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, who this morning reached Modi’s residence to invite him for his oath ceremony as Delhi CM.

A BJP insider revealed that it was a well thought move by the master strategist Amit Shah to save PM from any kind of awkward moment and at the same time pass a subtle message to political opponent Kejriwal that Modi was not worried at all.

The war of smiles

“Modi Ji was made to inhale laughing in a limited amount, just enough to keep him smiling throughout the meeting. But considering the sadness within, he himself was doubtful that such a small amount would be sufficient enough,” said the BJP insider adding that on being warned that an excess would make him roll on the floor while laughing, he agreed on a very limited dose, “Frankly, that would have been quite a bizarre thing to do for a PM.”

Adding further, the insider disclosed that, although Modi pulled off the meeting quite graciously, he fumbled a couple of times.

“The moment Modi ji shook hands with Kejriwal, wo fafak kar has pade. That was a shocker for Kejriwal too, as he wasn’t prepared for such a response. He was expecting Modi to be a bit sheepish, but Modi wasn’t at all, at least facially,” the insider told Faking News, “To begin with, it looked like Modi Ji was going off-track, but soon he controlled his laughter and continued with a gentle smile on his face. Kejriwal was definitely not much pleased to see Modi Ji smiling.”

However, in an attempt to make a comeback, Kejriwal reminded Modi that BJP got just three seats, and he even congratulated him for the same. Reportedly, this made Modi a bit tense, so he immediately left the room giving an excuse to go to toilet.

“Modi ji took a drag of laughing gas during that break,” a close aide of Amit Shah told Faking News, “And he was back in the room smiling, once again. It was indeed a tactical victory for Amit Shah, as this time, Kejriwal didn’t get what he wanted.”