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“Modi wave indicator” to be installed at Juhu beach in Mumbai

16, Sep 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. With continuous and never-ending interest in the strength of “Modi Wave” in the country, the government has decided to install an indicator that will give daily updates about the strength of the wave in the country.

Since Maharashtra is one of the states going to elections soon, the inaugural indicator will be installed at Juhu beach in the capital city of Mumbai, sources confirm to Faking News.

“Just like there are currently signboards near the beach that inform people about days when they should expect high tides, the new board will inform people about the wavelength and frequency of the Modi wave they should expect in a week,” a government source disclosed.

Mumbai high tide
Is that really Modi wave? Or Modi wave doesn’t exist at all? Watch a 5-hour debate on national TV tonight.

The need for such an indicator, or an index, was felt after thousands of experts spent lakhs of hours analyzing the strength and direction of the Modi wave ever since Narendra Modi was declared as the chief poll campaign manager by the BJP last year.

“The mood in media, Twitter, Photoshop, railway compartments, and paan shops strictly depend on the Modi wave; this we have realized,” the government source explained, “It has become more important than Sensex, but unfortunately we don’t have any index that captures this sentiment.”

It’s not yet clear who will provide the input data for calculating the Modi wave index. Sources say that government is still in talks with various experts and a final formula is pending.

“Subramanian Swamy is insisting that he will provide the data based on his virat Twitter hashtag analyzer, while various neutral journalists are insisting that they should have exclusive rights to feed the data,” a source disclosed.

Apart from politicians, journalists, and jobless people on Twitter, many others too have welcomed the idea of Modi wave indicator at Juhu beach.

“I will sell Modi masks and Modi t-shirts at the beach on days the wave is strong,” explained a peanut-seller at Juhu beach on how Modi wave could help him in his daily life.