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Modi's suit buyer cries foul after not finding top industrialists in its pocket, blames Kejriwal

24, Feb 2015 By Ashish Kedia

Surat. In a recent development, the diamond merchant who purchased the most-talked about Indian suit with Prime Minister Modi’s name pinstriped to it, claims to be feeling cheated due to false information rallied to him by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

In an exclusive interview to Faking News at an undisclosed location, the unidentified buyer said that he has heard Mr. Kejriwal and his party members repeatedly say that Mr. Modi has top industrialists in his pocket and indeed as this was the most famous suit being adorned by him, he was quite sure that it is this one which housed them.

The pocket only had a hanky.
The pocket only had a hanky.

At the time of interview he was visibly furious and our correspondent even spotted him repeatedly checking all the pockets. He was quoted as saying, “As soon as we won the bid we made sure that it is delivered to us before dinner time. We even had cooked special feast at our home for some of the expected guests that we hoped to evacuate from the pockets of this suit, but leave alone any clue of owning any industrialists, it didn’t have even a dime of rupee or dollar. We paid an extorbitant price for this suit and now it feels like we have been fooled.”

He is also looking forward to going to consumer court against Delhi CM for fabricating misinformation and advertising false features of the suit. Regarding this he said, “Mr. Kejriwal and his party members have many a times claimed that Mr. Modi has some big industrialists in his pocket. Now I challenge him to come for a treasure hunt and search them for me.”

He further added that they were really disappointed with Kejriwal and never thought that he can fool Aam Aadmi like them in this manner. They were also planning to go to Delhi with the suit to broaden their search with the help of Free Wi-Fi.

On being asked that what he plans to do with the suit now he said, “I obviously do not look forward to wearing a suit with somebody else’s name all over it but as I am a seasoned business man I might get it trademarked and would sell similar pieces to other individual.”

At the time of writing report the search for any hidden pocket was on though people were they were losing hope of any success.