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A month after Kamalhaasan, Rajnikanth announces the date on which the date for announcing the name will be announced

15, Mar 2018 By RT

Chennai. A month after Kamalhaasan has announced his political party’s name, Rajnikanth now announces the date on which the date for announcing the name will be announced. The fundamental difference between the two newborn leaders lies in the color of the symbol of the party, it is believed by the political analysts in the state.


While Kamal Hassan’s party has a symbol of enjoined hands with black, white and red, indicating a left leaning, Thalaiva’s party is expected to have Saffron as the colour, indicating a right leaning, it is learnt by Faking News. The fans are in no rush as they have waited for 20 years for the announcement on whether there will be a party. Now they are more than pleased to wait just 2 years to get to know the name of the party, it is further learnt by Faking News.

“None of us have expected that our beloved leader actually would announce a political party and encourage us to participate in the Assembly Elections. We really do not need a name now; actually being anonymous is more charming than something like maiam. All we need is an MLA seat in our new party. If the legend is to become true, the election commission will extend the name, the symbol and the office building to our party” a die hard fan of super star told Faking News, suppressing a smile and taking a dig at the newly announced Kamal Hassan’s party.

“Until the next Assembly Elections, no one is going to question the actor on his entry into politics. Now he is free to do more movies acting as hero at the age of 67. The movies are bound to run well given the added popularity with the political entry and everything. He is not just a smart politician; he is actually more smart to use politics to make his movies run better. If Kaala fails at box office then the party’s name will immediately be announced. If 2.0 fails at box office then there will not be any party” a political analyst took a strong critical view on the super star’s political tactics.

Top astrologers in the country are now predicting the date on which Rajinikanth’s political party’s name will be announced. Meanwhile, top linguists are hired by the media houses to interpret Kamal Hassan’s speeches, it is learnt by Faking News.