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Motivated by Rahul's speech, Youth Congress leader starts preparing for CAT 2014

18, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Having gained new energy and motivation after hearing Rahul Gandhi’s thunderous speech at yesterday’s Congress meet, a youth leader of the party has decided to prepare for CAT 2014.

Rahul Gandhi, the new motivational guru.
Rahul Gandhi in his motivational guru avatar.

24 years old Gyanesh Thakur didn’t take this decision in haste; instead he did it after a proper analysis of return on investment of his motivation.

“Now that I am motivated, thanks to Rahul ji, I need to use it properly. First option was to keep shouting Rahul bhaiyya zindabaad, but 2014 election battle is not that safe bet. So I decided to prepare for another battle – CAT 2014,” argued Gyanesh, explaining the logic behind his decision.

Before taking a final call Gyanesh even talked to a few senior Congress leaders who were present during the AICC meet.

“Everyone was feeling motivated, we were shouting and clapping out of joy and happiness. Rahul ji was talking like King Leonidas of movie ‘300’, I was even getting goosebumps. But all of a sudden Rahul’s speech ended and a question clicked in my mind – what next?” Gyanesh recalled the moments that changed his life.

The Youth Congress leader talked to various senior leaders present in the meet on what should he do to win the elections, but all of them said that Rahul Gandhi was the best leader in the country.

A bewildered Gyanesh even asked Rajiv Shukla, who reportedly said, “zor se bolo jai Rahul ji, pyaar se bolo jai Rahul ji, saare bolo jai Rahul ji.

A confused Gyanesh realized that perhaps he was too young to understand such divine statements. Last time he had felt like that was when he was taken to a satsang by his grandfather.

“I didn’t want to waste this new energy that I was filled with, so I thought I’d rather prepare for CAT,” Gyanesh told Faking News.