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MP orders a new file cabinet for his office to become part of the cabinet shuffle tomorrow

02, Sep 2017 By RT

New Delhi. A member of parliament from a well represented state has been waiting for a long time to be included in the cabinet. As a desperate attempt, he finally ordered a new file cabinet for his office to become part of the cabinet shuffle tomorrow, it is learnt by Faking News.

“They shuffle the cabinet quite often and I am never part of it. I was not allowed to change even the file cabinet in my own office. This time around, I am very strong. As a show of strength, I have placed an overnight delivery order for a new cabinet. Tomorrow, I will surely be part of a cabinet shuffle, out of my office or at least in my own office,” the MP told Faking News.

“Some ministers who were never elected were selected for several cabinet portfolios. Prior to the minister figures out which is full-time and which is part-time, the next cabinet shuffle presents itself. Some ministers spent all the time in taking elaborate selfies or reducing elaborate terms into acronyms. I just want to serve the people of this country from a ministerial berth and am looking forward to tomorrow’s cabinet shuffle to at least get Railways,” he further added.

“A doctor rarely gets ministry of health. A farmer never gets Agriculture; No lawyer for law ministry; No scholar for education and no soldier for defence ministry. On the other hand, I am the best choice for ministry of Finance. I know how much I had spent for the election and I know the projected budget earning for the five years term. I constantly monitor the actuals against the target budget and also I apply business intelligence to monitor quarterly growth. Tomorrow is the day,” the MP told Faking News, looking straight at his old file cabinet without blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the new list of ministers and the cabinet reshuffle has already been finalized with a view of country’s growth and in the least interest that of next elections and the party’s growth, it is learnt by Faking News.