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MPs complain of low visibility inside Parliament during winter, want it adjourned

02, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Delhi’s struggle with low visibility has given MPs another reason to excuse themselves from the debates by citing low visibility inside the Parliament.

MPs preparing their outing plans after adjournment
MPs discussing their outing plans after adjournment

Unusual scenes were witnessed inside the Parliament when MPs reached a consensus and asked the speaker to adjourn the session because ‘they couldn’t see beyond 2 meters’ due to the smog inside the Parliament, which hampered the possibility of having ‘meaningful and constructive’ debates.

Speaker Sumitra Mahajan did acknowledge that there was a request from both ruling and opposition leaders “Yes it’s true that MPs had approached me and asked the Parliament to be adjourned. The last time I saw such bonhomie was when there a discussion on salary increase of MPs,” she said as she checked the visibility meter for the readings before deciding to adjourn the Parliament.

An MP from a leading political party agreed to speak to us on condition of anonymity and said that there are times when they have to drag themselves to the Parliament and just don’t feel like attending it.

“It was a chilly winter day and perfect for some chai and pakora. And the topic for discussion in the Parliament today was ‘intolerance’ and ‘commitment to constitution’. I mean how boring can it get. The only good thing about coming to the Parliament is the canteen food,” he said as he checked the canteen menu, barely able to conceal a smile after finding out that it was Wednesday, the weekly Biryani day.

Another MP from the Congress party too echoed similar thoughts. “I have spent last two nights preparing Rahul Gandhi’s speech and explaining it to him using Doraemon and Chhota Bheem as props. So you can imagine how sleep deprived I must be,” he said, eager to get out of the Parliament.

Meanwhile, a few MPs were seen in a huddle and brainstorming over ideas they can come up with to disrupt the session tomorrow. “Kal India-South Africa test match hai. Free tickets manga liye hai. Parliament ko disrupt karke seedha Kotla chalenge,” said one MP to another.