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MPs join Arnab's classes to prepare and train for shouting as winter session of Parliament begins

26, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: As the winter session of the Parliament begins, MPs who have been feeling a little out of touch are reportedly attending Arnabs classes to prepare themselves for the shout fest in the coming month.

MPs take a refresher course from Arnab to brush up their shouting and screaming skills
MPs take a refresher course from Arnab to brush up their shouting and screaming skills

Many Parliament members were seen requesting Arnab to hold special classes to help them better their shouting and screaming skills.

“Yes its true, we have asked Arnab to take a few sessions so that we get a warm up exercise for our vocal chords. Its been a long time since Monsoon session ended and we are literally ‘out of touch’. There has been a lot of noise around this ‘intolerance’ issue and we need to create even more noise inside the Parliament,” said a senior leader from the opposition Congress party.

“We also need to divert attention from Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Caramel College. It was a disaster and our spokesperson had a hard time defending it on news channels. I am sure BJP has already come up with some silly Doraemon and Chhota Bheem jokes to make fun of Rahulji’s speech in the Parliament. We are planning to make a lot of noise on the ‘intolerance’ issue so that BJP doesn’t get a change to ridicule Rahulji,” he added as he frantically made enquiries about Arnab’s shouting classes.

BJP party members too were keen on getting a crash course in screaming. “There are many within BJP who excel at shouting but that special skill of ‘not letting anyone speak’ and then saying ‘that they are not answering the question’ is something which only Mr. Goswami can teach,” said a BJP MP who looked excited to be part of Arnabs class.

Meanwhile, the Editor-in-Chief was also keen on making the most of the situation. An all inclusive economy package for MPs was seen priced at 25000 Rs per head that included shouting, screaming, and facial expression.