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MPs react with “LOL” over “no work, no pay” demands by citizens

02, Dec 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. With no business taking place in the Parliament due to frequent adjournments and disruptions, many citizen groups have been clamoring for “no work, no pay” rule to be applied to the MPs. Citizens believe that MPs, whose prime duty is to legislate and debate policies, shouldn’t be given salaries if they fail to perform their duty.

When Faking News contacted a group of MPs for their response to such demands, most of them couldn’t control their laughter.

“It’s a good idea, ha ha ha, sorry, I mean it’s a good idea. LOL!” said an MP, who later excused himself from the interview as he was finding the whole exercise too funny.

Parliament disruption
Some MPs privately claimed that it was actually disruptions that was their job

This reporter later checked himself in the mirror to find out if he was looking too outlandish or weird to conduct an interview, but failed to spot any oddity in appearance. The reporter resembled any other aam aadmi, which was confirmed later as a couple of small interviews with other aam aadmis went very well.

“Frankly I don’t know why people care if the parliament functions or not, isn’t the country being run by corporate houses?” said Indrajeet, an aam aadmi reading an essay by Arundhati Roy in a nearby library.

“Yes, the parliament must function. I’m sick of Lok Sabha TV not airing anything and yet the Doordarshan employees getting salary. This is double waste of taxpayers’ money,” opined Kamlesh, who couldn’t pay his cable TV bills due to rising inflation, and is now dependent on only Doordarshan channels for entertainment.

“All I want is that they should not adjourn the house. They should keep shouting, and if possible, throw mikes at each other,” Kamlesh, deprived of reality shows entertainment from private TV channels, demanded.

With two normal reactions from normal people, this reporter was assured that there was nothing funny in his appearance and proceeded to conclude the original assignment. However, subsequent attempts to get a reaction from MPs over “no work, no pay” continued to elicit laughter from honorable members of the parliament.

“They think we survive on our salaries? LOL!” said another MP, constantly on phone with some Amar bhai.

“Ha ha, who are these people trying to dictate terms to us?” responded another MP, “Some guys tried to do that earlier this year wearing Anna topis (caps). What happened? LOL!”