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MPs say they will attend Parliament on alternate days to help Kejriwal implement even-odd formula

07, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: After CJI’s support to Arvind Kejriwal’s even-odd scheme, MPs have also come out in support of the Delhi Cm saying that ‘they will do their bit’ to reduce pollution in the capital by attending Parliament on odd and even days.

MPs offer to attend on alternate days to reduce Delhi's pollution
MPs offer to attend Parliament on alternate days to reduce Delhi’s pollution

Cutting across party lines, MPs from both ruling and opposition parties agreed that the only way Parliamentarians can contribute to tackling the menace of pollution is by deciding amongst themselves and attending Parliament on alternate days.

Speaking to Faking News an MP from Congress party said, “Yes it’s true that we have reached a consensus on not attending Parliament, I mean doing something to ensure that the people in Delhi get clean air to breathe. We can just sit and complain about rising pollution levels. Atleast Kejriwal has taken some action. Even if it looks odd at the moment, we are confident that once implemented the plan will work.”

Another MP on condition of anonymity said, “The best things about Delhi are its winters. Nothing can beat the pleasure of having a hot cup of tea sitting in front of your TV and watching cricket match. Who would want to attend Parliament and debate on intolerance? By this arrangement we will have to attend Parliament on alternate days only and also make our absence look good by saying it’s for the environment.”

Meanwhile the odd-even craze has not spared Azam Khan and Sakshi Maharaj who announced that they will make controversial comments on alternate days.

“It’s not because we want to address any  issue. It is to help out our friends in the media who have been overworked lately. It becomes hectic for them to cover statements made by me and Sakshi Maharaj and then twist it into Breaking News. That is a lot of work. So for their benefit we will comment only on odd and even days,” said Azam Khan as he checked with a news channel as to why his comment on ‘demolishing Taj Mahal and constructing a temple in its place’ was not making headlines.