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MPs want secretaries to eat at least one roti less than them

18, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After demanding a salary that is one rupee more than that of a secretary, Indian MPs now want the same secretary to eat at least one roti or chapaati less than what our elected representatives have for lunch or dinner. MPs believe that such a step, in resonance with salary hike, would rationalize the consumption as well as the income of the MPs, which bodes well for the economy.

“Even a kutta (dog) of our wealthy people eats more rotis and chicken-pieces than us.” RJD President Lalu Yadav declared in Lok Sabha, outlining the serious difficulties through which our poor MPs were going vis a vis rich dogs, which attracted loud roaring support from fellow MPs.

“If we can’t guarantee the Right to Food to ourselves, how can we promise the same to the masses?” reasoned Mr. Yadav, making a direct reference to the UPA government’s promised National Food Security Act, widely believed to be a dream of UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Hungry Lalu Yadav
Peanuts? : Lalu Yadav showing how little he gets to eat

Lalu Yadav was later joined by many other MPs cutting across party lines, who expressed outrage over the fact that they were not having decent diet. After hours of pandemonium, four rounds of adjournments and three random walkouts, the government decided to give in to the demands by the honorable members for a balanced diet.

“A joint parliamentary committee would look into the demands of our hungry MPs.” informed Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr. Pawan Kumar Bansal.

According to sources, the committee is most likely to suggest limiting the diet of the secretaries to create parity, rather hierarchy, in the government echelons. In line with its earlier recommendation on salary hike for the MPs, the committee is expected to ask secretaries to eat at least one roti or chapaati less than the MPs. A feasible formula for the same is being worked out.

“This is also in line with the government’s policy of creating level playing fields and guaranteeing inclusive growth for everyone by pulling down quarters that are doing unusually well to merge them with the average.” said an MP, who would be a member of the committee.

Outside parliament, most of the politicians agreed with demands by MPs with a senior leader like BJP President Nitin Gadkari expressing regret on having compared Lalu Yadav with dogs earlier.

“I stand corrected in wake of new revelations.” a somber Gadkari told Faking News.

Meanwhile dogs have sighed a yelp of relief on hearing the news, as they feared their own diet to be controlled and lessened after Lalu Yadav criticized the luxuries enjoyed by them earlier in the parliament.

“Thank god, we thought after the farm animals, our fodder, err food, was at risk!” said Kuttanandan, a leader of Movement for Dog Rights (MDR).