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With so much clouds around, why our GDP is not able to take advantage of them: PM Modi asks ministers

21, Aug 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: Recent slowdown in GDP has made many nervous with ex-RBI governor like Raghuram Rajan terming current slowdown as worrisome. Prime Minister considered one of the premier cloud experts in the world is quite perplexed with GDP showing no signs of taking advantages of cloudy conditions prevalent today.

According to one of our PMO sources, Prime Minister Modi had a high-level meeting with Finance Ministry and NITI Aayog officials to review the current economic state of the country. 

“PM Modi was upset with recession hitting the economy in monsoon season”, said our source who wanted to remain anonymous. “Recession in summer season is something which makes sense. But in a cloudy environment if our economy is not able to pick up, that’s a worrying sign. Cloud hai toh advantage hai, I cannot use this logic anymore,” PM Modi said during the meeting.

PM then outlined, some austerity measures which every ministry have to undertake. “No more red and hari chutney along with Samosa that will be served during meetings”, said our source who is part of the panel for suggesting cost cutting. “In Delhi Kejriwal has made everything metro to bus free for ladies, 200 units of free power for every household. All were asked to take advantage of that,” our source added. 

“PM Modi as the leader of the Government came forward with his austerity measures. He told us to encash all the air-miles he has accumulated till now, plan his short trips to neighboring countries with that only. His recent Bhutan trip was planned to use those air-miles only,” told our PMO source.

At the end it was decided a high-level committee would be formed who will submit report within 4 weeks. “It will talk about measures that will be put in place so that our GDP and cloud can work in tandem, not the way Rohit Sharma And Virat Kohli are functioning today,” told the PMO official.