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Mumbai masturbator seeks 'Innocence Certificate' from Mulayam Singh

20, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A day after Mulayam Singh said that it was ‘practically not possible for four men to rape a woman’, Valmiki Gopal, also known as ‘The Mumbai Masturbator’ has sought a certificate of innocence from Mulayam Singh.

Certificate of Innocence
Certificate of Innocence

Speaking to Faking News from Mumbai he said, “All I did was masturbate and we all do that, albeit discreetly. But look how the media is painting me as a villain. I can’t believe I am living in the same country, where in one state the authorities are defending the rapists while in another the CM is swiftly taking action against me for masturbating in broad daylight.”

“I was humiliated on social media with my pic going viral. I was not given a chance to explain my position. No one calls me by my real name now. They all call me ‘mumbai masturbator’. My reputation is tarnished, so I seek an ‘innocence certificate’ from Mulayam Singh,” he said.

Valmiki was also dejected with the attitude of Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis for initiating swift police action.

“I just took a ‘hard stand’ against the porn ban and decided to protest in my way. This government is not allowing peaceful protests now. I think emergency days are back,” he added.

Apparently, Valmiki is planning to leave Mumbai for good and relocate to Uttar Pradesh. “No point staying here anymore. At least I can live with some respect and dignity in Uttar Pradesh. I am pretty sure Mulayam Singh won’t treat me like this if I feel like masturbating there. I have spoken to few people from UP who were accused of rape and they said, ‘koi tension wali baat nahi bhaiyyaji naam se hi nahi kaam se bhi mulayam hai’.”

When FN tried to contact Samajwadi Party spokesperson for their response on Valmiki Gopal’s request, the spokesperson acknowledged that they had indeed received a request from the aforementioned person.

“We are looking into the matter. Mulayamji has to look into the practicalities of the situation before taking any decision. Next week he will be handing out innocence certificates to rape convicts, probably he will give an official statement then,” said the spokesperson.