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Mumbaikars protest demanding GST reduction on vadapav after GST on Khakra reduced to 5%

08, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar
NEW DELHI: On Friday, after 12 hour long meeting Arun Jaitely announced a slew of measures to ease the concerns of small business, traders and Gujarat elections. Finance Minister in his briefing announced GST reduction for 27 items.
 One item that gathered maximum attention after GST reduction is Khakra. Khakra now has 5% GST, a reduction of 7% from earlier 12%. Soon after the news, Gujaratis were seen dancing on streets while many mumbaikars were seen protesting on streets with slogans and posters. Reportedly, a group of around 30 mumbaikars took to the roads Arun Jaitley’s announcement, demanding reduction of GST on Vada Pav and Misal Pav.
 Faking News reporter spoke to one such mumbaikar, Santosh Khale, who was protesting at CM Fadnavis’ residence. Santosh said “Vada Pav is the basic necessity of every mumbaikar, if government can reduce GST on Khakra then why not on vadapav? Is government doing this only because Gujarat has elections coming?” Santosh further added “me tula sangto hai, Vada pav warcha GST kami kara, nahitar Bara honar nahi.” (I am telling you, reduce GST on vadapav else things won’t be good).
Though government has not yet reacted to the demand but seeing the momentum protest is gaining, the government has ordered Police to intervene and sources say that government may have to blink this time.
Reduction in GST on Khakra clearly indicates government’s priority. Gujarat election is scheduled for December hence steps to favour Gujaratis are not something unexpected. But at the same time government must consider needs of people from other states too and must reduce GST on items such as Poha in MP, Momos in Delhi, Vadapav in Mumbai and Idli sambhar in South India.