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Muslim man forgets to wear skull cap, secular party doubts his secularity

17, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Javed Hussain, a 27 year old resident of Chandni Chowk area was shocked when leaders of ‘Secular Ekta Manch’ (SEM) doubted his secularity for not wearing skull cap at a party gathering.

Javed was attending a small public meeting organized by SEM to promote their secular agenda and to mingle with locals of the area.

Skull Cap
Secular leaders’ fantasy.

“I was there to hear their point of view and plans for uplifting status of minorities in India. But to my surprise none of the leaders or volunteers entertained me, as I was clean shaven and wearing no skull cap,” said a dumbstruck javed. “SEM leaders were not ready to believe that I was a Muslim. To make them believe, I showed them my driving license.”

After realizing that Javed was indeed a Muslim, Secular Ekta Manch leaders lectured him on secularity and why it’s important for him to wear a skull cap.

“They told Javed that a true Muslim and a true secular must wear skull cap, at least at political meetings and gatherings,” disclosed Ramesh, who was accompanying Javed at the gathering, “SEM leaders were very upset as Javed was not looking like a Muslim which you could identify from a distance.”

As a result of Javed’s outfit and clean shaven look, none of the Secular Ekta Manch leaders were interested in getting photographed with him.

“They were busy taking selfies and giving mediabytes with few other Muslims present there, as they were wearing skull caps,” rued Javed, “But, I didn’t mind, it was fun.”

Sources say, some of the SEM volunteers were consistently insisting Javed to wear the cap.

“They had promised to their their bosses to arrange at least 15 ‘Muslim looking’ people, but they could get only 14. That’s why they were so adamant to make Javed wear a skull cap,” said a source.

Reportedly, when one of the volunteers forcefully tried to put a cap Javed’s head, he got frustrated and decided to leave the venue.

“SEM leaders called Javed a communal person, while he was leaving the gathering,” told an onlooker.