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N Srinivasan set to replace Kejriwal as AAP president after reports of him spying on BCCI officials surface

27, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Ever since reports of N Srinivsan spying on fellow BCCI members came in public domain, there has been growing demand among AAP supporters to make him president of the party.

Linking it with how current party chief Arvind Kejriwal ordered illegal recording of  discarded leader Yogendra Yadav’s telephonic conversation with a reporter, AAP supporters claim that Delhi CM be freed of such responsibilities now and be allowed to concentrate on dharnas, blaming Delhi Police/Modi, governance etc.

Kejriwal worshiping Srinivsasn after making him his idol
Kejriwal worshiping Srinivsasn after making him his idol

“In Srinivasan, we see an able contender for the position of AAP supremo. I am sure once on board, he will bring with him fresh autocratic ideas to the table which will help take the movement forward,” said an AAP volunteer, who was extremely disappointed with the naivety AAP handled the entire Gajendra suicide fiasco.

He is confident that Srinivasan would not come out as a novice while orchestrating such political stunts.

“The fact that it is so many days after him spying that he has been caught proves how professionally he goes about these things,” he added.

Senior leaders of AAP too have taken notice of this demand and agree that compared to Kejriwal, Srinivsans is a better prospect at present.

“He carries with him a vast dictatorial experience, which could be a clincher for him,” a member of AAP’s National Executive Committee told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

“Also the way he trolled Arnab Goswami throughout the IPL spot fixing scandal episode has also impressed other members of committee,” he went on to add.

“Not just this, he continued to control happenings in BCCI even after stepping down and being at Dubai, which reminded us of how Kejriwal continued to call shots while taking naturopathy treatment in Bangalore,” he further said.

Meanwhile Srinivasan has decided to accept the demand on condition that he be allowed to replace Manish Sisodia and Ashutosh with Sunil Gavaskar or Ravi Shastri.