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Nagma to meet the person who kissed her after Kejriwal meets the person who slapped him

09, Apr 2014 By राजदीप सरदर्द दे साई

Meerut. After AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal decided to meet the person who slapped him during a roadshow in Delhi, Congress candidate from Meerut Lok Sabha seat, Nagma, has decided to meet the fellow leader who had publicly kissed and molested her.

Confirming the news, actress turned politician Nagma told Faking News that she has decided to not only meet her molester but also forgive him.

Nagma Kissed
Kattar soch nahi, yuva josh.

“See I have joined Congress, which completely follows the Gandhian (and Sardar Patel also) philosophy. That’s why I will meet the person and forgive him. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has instructed me to meet the person and spread the love. Congress does not do the politics of hatred, but only do politics of love,” Nagma said.

Faking News has learnt that Congress high command has shown videos of Rahul Gandhi getting kissed in Assam to encourage Nagma to gather courage to meet the dirty old man again.

“We showed how happy Rahul baba was when he got kissed by several women in Assam and told her that she should not get upset just by one kiss; that too from a fellow congress man,” confirmed a congress leader.

“Other purpose is to neutralize AAP’s effort to claim Gandhi’s legacy of forgiveness. Clearly Arvind Kajriwal is trying to show that he is more Gandhian than Congress by meeting and forgiving his attacker. We will prove that we are the original heir of Gandhian philosophy. We are trying to convince Nagma to offer her other cheek to the molester as Gandhiji had said that if someone does something on one cheek offer him another cheek,” Congress leader added further.

The event of Nagma meeting her molester will be well publicized and telecast live on all TV channels, sources confirm. For further impact, Digvijay Singh has suggested that Nagma should not allow same person to kiss her again. She should rather allow some leader from minority community to kiss her to make this exercise not only Gandhian but secular too.

It is learnt that Congress has started preparing the list of suitable candidates to kiss Nagma next. List includes Imran Masood, Azam Khan, and Syed Imam Bukhari.