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Najeeb Jung thanks AAP for making him the first known governor to masses

20, May 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In the midst of his feud with Delhi CM, Lt Governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung today thanked Aam Aadmi Party for making him the first known governor to Indian masses.

Displaying a true sportsman spirit, Jung decided to keep equations with Arvind Kejriwal aside and wrote a thank you letter to him.

Jung claims that his gratitude was based on the small survey his aides carried out to find awareness about governors among common men.

“Tell me, prior to me, how many governors’ names or faces have you known?” Jung asked our reporter, “I mean my own kids didn’t know that I was governor of Delhi till Sheila ji was CM.”

Jung thanking Kejriwal
Jung thanking Kejriwal

“A governor’s job in India has been relegated to just featuring in GK books and making preparations of UPSC aspirants difficult. That’s it!” he added.

“And here these guys have given me so much publicity that yesterday Shahrukh Khan called me up  and expressed his wish to be Delhi governor for few months before his next film release,” he continued.

“I am glad and indebted to Kejriwal & Co for making me famous and a known figure among masses,” he concluded.

However Jung argued that it wasn’t all that easy for him after all.

“I didn’t get it all on platter. I had to struggle for it. Take baseless allegations and accusations leveled against me, in my stride. Comfort myself in being allegedly a BJP and Congress agent. Work for almost a year when there was no govt. It was tough,” he said wiping off sweat from his face.

“I am sure I must be the first governor in history of India to have worked so much,” he said confidently.

Meanwhile many old aged politicians and other prominent people who were eyeing posts of governors have now decided to change their mind.

“After looking at the amount of stress and work Najeeb Jung is subjected to daily, holding a governor’s position is no longer the best retirement plan,” confessed an out of favour politician.